Mckinnon Reflection

In this lecture our task was based on writing for the web and we had to research one of the following topics starbucks tax break, latest in the Gary Mckinnon extradition case, accusations of racismat serbia vs england match and is student life becoming more sexist. I to do chose the Gary Mckinnon one.

It was important to know how to write for online as this would become very useful in a furture career. I had trouble finding true information on the case as there were so many articles about it all saying differnet things. So I looked for reoccouring facts and assumed they would be correct. Next I will apply these skills to future projects.


Roger Moore says Connery was best Bond Reflection

This was the same lecture as the ‘Adele sings bond theme’ however for this article its was mainly about the images and how to optimise and embed them on to wordpress. We had to write a short article illustrated with 6 images on the topic ‘Roger Moore says Connery was best Bond’. This was demonstrating important research skills and finding suitable images.

I had trouble finding good quality images as some of the Bond films are old with less quality then now. I ended having to leave this as it was because there was no way of fixing it. Next I will apply these skills into future projects and career prospects.

Adele sings new Bond theme Reflection

In this lecture we had to write a short article about Adele singing the new Bond theme song accompanied by images. This was important as it gave me the skills to know how to make an online publication. I will be able to use these skills for future projects and in my chosen career.

I struggled to find correct information about this as it is so widely known and so much news has been posted it was difficult to find what was true and what wasnt. I decided to look for common factors thinking that if its said more than once then it could possibly be true. Next I will apply these skills to future projects/

UK Riots 2011 Reflection

In today’s lecture we had to get in groups and create an article about the role of social media. I paired up with Amy Mccafferty and we did our article on the UK riots in 2011. It was important to do this as we were learning how to write an online publication, it helped me understand the layout and what you need to include in an article. I will be able to use my writting skills for future projects and possibly a career down the line.

I had a problem of finding someone to work with at first as everyone had already paired up so I thought I would have to do it alone but then I found Amy who had the same problem so we both paired up. Next I will use this knowledge and skill to get me further in my field of career.

What kind of Journalist am I? Reflection

In this lecture our task was to research and explain what type of journalist we wanted to be. I research all my interests and incorporated them in to forms of journalism. I gathered images to back up my information and included weblinks.  It is important to know this now as it gives us a sense of direction for the future. I will be able to use this knowledge to help me narrow my choice of a career down. I will be able to use the research skills for future projects.

I encountered a few problems at the begining as I couldnt quite decide on an angle to take and I didnt even know what type of journalist I would like to be. So I just flicked around the internet typing keywords and I eventually found lots subjects that I could relate to. What I will do next is put those ideas in to action hopefully becoming a successful photographer or journalist.

What does the future hold for ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’

  Pigeons and Peacocks an upcoming magazine launches into the future but with what amibition? Will this magazine survive the creative world?

By Rebecca LeggottDSC_0018

Pigeons and Peacocks a magazine launched by London College of Fashion in 2008. It is a magazine highlighting the elements of fashion and culture. Within the magazine you have some of the best designers of our time, photographers, illustrators and people who want to have say in the world. Along with the magazine there is also a website detailing exclusive features, videos and editiorials.

There are so many aspects to making this magazine. They have the official materials included from the students, staff, graduates and the industry but they also welcome submitted work by the public with the chance of it being posted on thier blog. The blog is full of articles, photographs and illustrations written by the students and by people who have contributed to the magazine. It is a place where peoples voices can be heard and ideas to be wanted. John William the editor in chief and creative director is constantly invloved with the magazine always making posts on the blog.

There have been reoccouring photographers included in the magazine such as Martha Boxley who has done a wide range of photography varying from fashion to editioral to travel. Her work is often featured in the magazine with more than a double page spread. Martha Boxley has covered many aspects in photography becoming an established photographer, it states on her website all her exhibitions and clients which is constantly increasing.

In 2011 Pigeons and Peacocks presented their work in the form of a ‘Pecha Kucha’ at the Barbican. The artists portraying thier inspirations and influences of their work to others inspiring them in the process. All the information and illustrations created and written by current and previous London College of Fashion students being broadcasted to the public.

To this day there is currently 5 issues in the magazine series each invididual magazine sporting new ideas and making fashion history. Every year each issue grows bigger and better with new material and information flowing from the students imaginations. When you look at the amount of writers and photographers invloved in the first issue compared to the latest issue it clear to see that each issue grows gaining more publicity everytime. The magazine has become more publized recently as it is being stocked in big brand shops such as WHSmith and popular newsagents. The magazine is also displayed and for at the London College of Fashion itself.

Too become more widely known they have joined on with the socail media phase. Creating a page on facebook and tweeting on twitter, gaining more views and having a lot more press will take this magazine far as there are thousands of upcoming photographers looking for thier break in the fashion and editorial industry. Pigeons and Peacocks would the be perfect setting for them as it gives you the opportunity to join in and be a part of the magazine.

Fashion. Thought. RevolutionDSC_0044

Issue no.4 Kiss the future features ‘Rumours’ by Hayley Louisa Brown a London based photographer. She studied BA Fashion Photography in 2010 at London College of Fashion. She has done work ranging from editiorial to music to moving image. Her feature has a ten page spread from the begining of the magazine.

“Do you think having your work presented in Pigeons and Peacocks has given you more recognition?”
Yes. It has given me a good platform to help raise my publicity.

“How has your career changed since having your work shown in the magazine?”
It has given me more photographing opportunites opening more doors.

“Would you like your work to be included in the magazine on a regular basis?”
Yes. I enjoy working with the people involved and it is a steady platform for me to grow.

“What do you think will become of the magazine in the future?”
I think it will change people’s lives as it is constantly gaining more publicity this will attract important people opening up new careers for the graduating students. It has already grown so much over 5 issues it will end up being twice as big with two times the amount of photographs.DSC_0001

Pigeons and Peacocks supports the concept of getting everyone involved which will help keep it upcoming and new. With various styles and personalities constantly changing throughout the magazine it is always fresh and modern. Keeping up with changes in the industry will help keep this magazine on top, with bright new graduates looking for a break in thier career ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’ will never be boring. It is an original production one of a kind that just needs more recognition in the world

but… as this magazine continues to grow who can predict where it will end up in the future.

Once upon a time reflection

Begining, Middle, End

A story always has a begining, a middle and an end. It can be told from various points of view and interpretated differently between each person. Our task was to choose an image that suggested a begining middle and end. We needed to research into the story, find out what it tells and how does it tell it.

The understanding of the story is vital although each person sees it differently so even though there is no right or wrong answer they story itself but be ovbious and portrayed well.

Researching a story is difficult as there are so many to chose from. Using my research skills I was able to find the perfect one. I had trouble finding a good quality image so I manipulated it slighty on photoshop giving it a better result. I hope to create a story of my own that other people can relate to when they see it.