Social Comment

A French urban artist named Invader has made his social comment by creating characters inspired by the 1978 arcade game ‘Space Invaders’. They are small colored mosaic tiles in the design of a space invader character known as murals. They can be found all over the world at iconic sites or on significant buildings. Has a game to himself he creates books and maps leading you to them almost like a treasure map. Invader started these projects in the mid 1990’s. His first mural was named ‘Invasion of Paris’. He would pre build some of the mosaics then finish the creation whilst on site. They are usually found on street corners and always at least 10 to 15 feet above ground so that they have more visibility. One of his most prominent places to present his work was on the letter D of the Hollywood sign in 1999. He has done other projects such as ‘Rubikcubism’ which was a series of artworks made out of rubik’s cubes. Invader and his work were also featured in Banksy’s film ‘Exit through the gift shop’ alongside ‘Mr Brainwash’ who is claimed to be his cousin. Invader was interviewed about his work and filmed him in the process of creating his work.

The MoCA LA show at Geffen Contemporarya : “Art in the streets” curated by Jeffrey Deitch featured Invader and he was one of the first artists to be arrested for taking part. He has been part of many exhibitions such as the 6th Lyon contemporary art biennale (2001), the MAMA Gallery in Rotterdam (2002), at the Paris based Magda Danysz Gallery (2003), at the Borusan Center for Culture and Arts in Istanbul, Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles (2004) and more.

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