This is a recruitment poster made in 1914 featuring Lord Kitchener the British Secretary of State for War with the words ‘BRITONS WANTS YOU’. It was one of the most famous images that was used in World War 1 by the British Army Recruitment Campaign. The poster was made to help recruit more soldiers for the war between Britain and German in 1914. It was designed by Alfred Leete and had its first publication in ‘London Opinion’. It was the cover illustration in one of the most influential magazines of the world in 1914. The demand for this poster was so high the magazine it got reproduced as postcard-sized copies and even the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee gained access to use the design in poster form. There have been many other posters all inspired by this one for example one very similar poster has the words “YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU”. When World War 1 first broke out Prime Minister Herbert Asquith of the United Kingdom selected Kitchener as Secretary of State for War. This was the first time that the post was introduced the role was to recruit a large army to fight Germany. The posters were up everywhere in shops windows, in omnibuses, tramcars and commercial vans. The sheer number of them everywhere was astonishing.

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