Myths Reflection

‘Power of the image’

In this lecture we looked at myths. The story or idea explaining culture or customs of people, often describes heros, explain why people revere the sun, why elders should be respected. Images can be compelling, seductive, revolutionized, human social communication this is causing oral and written communication to decline.

Story teller- history of tribes passed on verbally, identity in tribe
Capture the object photographically
Mange to capture the anatomy of the horse without any fixed visual aids
Religious. iconic graphic, educational, sophisticated
Example of cave drawings- Cave of Lascauz

It is important to know where a image originated from learning about the cave drawings shows this. I will be able to use this knowledge to help better my own skills at capturing an image. I had trouble trying to focus on one myth as there were so many to choose from so to overcome this I picked a myth that had various angles allowing me to talk about more than one myth.

The next thing I will do is upload this research on to my pdf. I take all the things that I have learned and incorporate them into future projects.


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