Impressions gallery

In this image I can see a road junction with signs in the foreground and tall buildings in the background. I like this image because of the composition, it seems so vacant and quiet in the forground but so busy and loud in the background.

The composition is clever in this image in the way the junction is in the centre of the image drawing your attention to it but then your eyes follow on to the bus background of buildings and movement. The camera seems to have been postioned quite close to the junction but a long distant away from the buildings.

This implies that the viewer is meant to be focusing on the junction. In this image there is no sign of humanity or living life. This must imply that the environment is key in the image. Even though there is a junction there are no cars in sight this shows that it could be a place of abandonment. There appears to be no source of artificial light just natural light. The image is in black and white possibly to give it an eerie effect and add more drama.

It seems that throughout John Kemp’s exhibition he has gone for a vacant abandonment theme, with few traces of humanity. When I look at his work it makes me feel almost lonley as there is no sign of anyone else just space. It makes me think about what it would be like if I were the only person left on earth.

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