Worst Dressed Celebrities

What not to wear! Celebrities have worn outrageous outfits over the years but which was worse?

Fashion is a forever changing industry constantly growning. It is certain personalities that over come fashion barriers creating a abstract new look but this doesnt always work well. Fashion is used as a statement to make a celebrity stand out from the crowd. Going back decades many celebrities have created a look unique to only them.

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1. Nicki Minaj
Minaj’s outfits are very vibrant. They are often made in a big scale engulfing her body making her look distorted. This is her representation of her personality but is it too loud?

2. Lady Gaga
Gaga’s style is definitely one of a kind no one else but her would wear a dress resembling meat. Her clothes are impractical and seem impossible to walk in.

Cher’s clothes are incredibly promiscuous revealing a sexual nature. Her outfits seem almost nonexistent as there is usually very little fabric. The clothes are a portrayal of her outlandish personality.


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