Article 2 Reflection

This assignment was to create a list article about a topic of our choice. I decided to do mine on the christmas german markets. We had to have 10 primary images backed up with information. This was important as I learned new skills such as making slideshows on wordpress and I now know how to make a list article for online publication. I will be able to use these skills in future projects and careers.

I had trouble trying to get the slideshows to work but after several tries I got there in the end. Next I can use these skills to help better my chance at a good career. I can make more list articles using these skills and new knowledge.


Article 1 Reflection

Our assignment was to write an 800 word article backed up by primary research and images . I did mine on the magazine ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’. This was an important skills to have as it test our abilty to write and take photographs. I will be able to apply these skills to future projects and help broaden my choice of career.

I had trouble contacting a source from the magazine itself so I could not get any primary source material. So I decided to contact one of photographers that had a feature in the magazine. Next I can write more articles using the skills that I have learnt and broaden them to better my chances at a goo career.

Mckinnon Reflection

In this lecture our task was based on writing for the web and we had to research one of the following topics starbucks tax break, latest in the Gary Mckinnon extradition case, accusations of racismat serbia vs england match and is student life becoming more sexist. I to do chose the Gary Mckinnon one.

It was important to know how to write for online as this would become very useful in a furture career. I had trouble finding true information on the case as there were so many articles about it all saying differnet things. So I looked for reoccouring facts and assumed they would be correct. Next I will apply these skills to future projects.

Roger Moore says Connery was best Bond Reflection

This was the same lecture as the ‘Adele sings bond theme’ however for this article its was mainly about the images and how to optimise and embed them on to wordpress. We had to write a short article illustrated with 6 images on the topic ‘Roger Moore says Connery was best Bond’. This was demonstrating important research skills and finding suitable images.

I had trouble finding good quality images as some of the Bond films are old with less quality then now. I ended having to leave this as it was because there was no way of fixing it. Next I will apply these skills into future projects and career prospects.

Adele sings new Bond theme Reflection

In this lecture we had to write a short article about Adele singing the new Bond theme song accompanied by images. This was important as it gave me the skills to know how to make an online publication. I will be able to use these skills for future projects and in my chosen career.

I struggled to find correct information about this as it is so widely known and so much news has been posted it was difficult to find what was true and what wasnt. I decided to look for common factors thinking that if its said more than once then it could possibly be true. Next I will apply these skills to future projects/

UK Riots 2011 Reflection

In today’s lecture we had to get in groups and create an article about the role of social media. I paired up with Amy Mccafferty and we did our article on the UK riots in 2011. It was important to do this as we were learning how to write an online publication, it helped me understand the layout and what you need to include in an article. I will be able to use my writting skills for future projects and possibly a career down the line.

I had a problem of finding someone to work with at first as everyone had already paired up so I thought I would have to do it alone but then I found Amy who had the same problem so we both paired up. Next I will use this knowledge and skill to get me further in my field of career.

What kind of Journalist am I? Reflection

In this lecture our task was to research and explain what type of journalist we wanted to be. I research all my interests and incorporated them in to forms of journalism. I gathered images to back up my information and included weblinks.  It is important to know this now as it gives us a sense of direction for the future. I will be able to use this knowledge to help me narrow my choice of a career down. I will be able to use the research skills for future projects.

I encountered a few problems at the begining as I couldnt quite decide on an angle to take and I didnt even know what type of journalist I would like to be. So I just flicked around the internet typing keywords and I eventually found lots subjects that I could relate to. What I will do next is put those ideas in to action hopefully becoming a successful photographer or journalist.