The Frozen Moment Constructed and Captured

This image of the Vietnam War was photographed by Horst Fass a Vietnam War photographer in 1964. Horst Fass is a German photojournalist who is best known for the images of the Vietnam War. The Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Horst Fass for his combat photos of the war in South Vietnam during 1964. This is one of the images that Horst Fass took. There are a dozen US army helicopters pouring machine gun fire into the trees ahead to clear the path for the advancing south Vietnamese ground troops. They are making an attack on a viet cong camp. The camp is based 18 miles north of Tay Ninh, Vietnam, northwest of Saigon near the Cambodian border. Even though they are clearly helicopters at first glance they look almost bug like as though they are gaint bugs flying around the humans below. The blurred propellers show movement in the image giving a very daunting atmosphere. The men below look as though they are in a rush and look frantic. The smoke desending from the trees makes the photograph misty and bleak which makes the atmosphere quite horrific as they are not able to see what they are walking into. This is a frozen moment in history and even though the image seems still there is so much energy and noise steming from with in it.


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