Alleged computer hacker McKinnon avoids extradition

Gary McKinnon the supposed computer hacker of many US military and NASA computers in 2002 has evaded extradition to the US.

Image Courtesy of the Scottish Herald

By Rebecca Leggott

Gary McKinnon a Scottish systems administrator was suspected to have been the hacker of US military and NASA computers in 2002. He was subjected to be extradited to the US for these crimes however in recent events this has been declined.

McKinnon had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome which on some level has aided the decision to not extradite him, as there was the possibility of McKinnon self harming. If McKinnon had been extradited and charged there was the probability of facing around 60 years in prison.

There have been legal proceedings lasting the course of the past 10 years debating McKinnon’s future. The extradition order was issued in July 2006 about 4 years after he was suspected. This was under the 2003 Extradition Act. It was down to Home Secretary Theresa May who withdrew the extradition.

Gary McKinnon who is now a free man had lots of support from family and friends. There was even a blog website named ‘’ which was created to help gather more support for his case. McKinnon’s reason for hacking was apparently to find information about UFO’s.


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