Joseph Nicéphore Niépce
French InventorNiépce is believed to have created the first world’s known fixed permanent photograph using a process he named as ‘heliography’ which means ‘sun writing’.

Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre
French artist and physicist Daguerre is the famous inventor of the ‘daguerreotype’ process of photography.

William Henry Fox Talbot
British inventor and pioneer of photography Talbot is known for inventing the ‘calotype’ process a photogenic drawing process.

Frederick Scott Archer
Inventor and sculptor Archer is primarily known for his invention of the photographic collodion process.

André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri
French photographer Disdéri is famous for his version of the ‘carte de visite’ which is a piece of card with a small photographic image mounted on it. Disdéri actually began his photographic career as a daguerreotypist.

James Clerk Maxwell
Mathematical physicist Maxwell showed the first colored photograph.

Louis Arthur Ducos Du Hauron
French photographer Hauron is an established well known color photographer.

Richard Maddox
English photographer and physician Maddox is well known for inventing lightweight gelatin negative plates.

Eadweard Muybridge
English photographer Muybridge is recognized for his important contribution to photography which is his studies of motion and in motion picture projection. One of his most famous pieces of work was the high speed demonstration of a moving horse.

Louis Le Prince
Inventor Prince was the first person to shoot pictures on film using a single lens camera. His most famous piece is the ‘roundhay garden scene’.

William Kennedy Dickson
French-born Scot inventor Dickson is known for inventing an early motion picture camera. It has been said that he made it whilst under the employment of Thomas Edison.

Auguste and Louis Lumière
The two brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière are said to be the earliest filmmakers in history.

André Kertész
Hungarian-born photographer Kertész is known for his revolutionary contribution to photographic composition and the photo essay.

Jerry Spagnoli
Photographer Spagnoli has worked with the daguerreotype process which is what he is well known for. He has a series entitled “The Last Great Daguerreian Survey of the 20th Century” which has been in motion since 1995.

Chuck Close
American painter and photographer Close is known as a photorealist because of his massive scale portraits. He has also collaborated with Jerry Spagnoli on the daguerreotype process.


Abelardo Morell
Boston based photographer Morell is famous for creating camera obscura images projected in rooms around the world then photographing them.


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