UK Riots in August 2011

Riots break loose all over UK the blame put on The Metropolitan Police. Social media making matters worse.

By Rebecca Leggott and Amy Mccafferty

Image courtesy of ‘The UK Debt Help Bureau’

The Metropolitan Police shot dead Mark Duggan alleged drug dealer on the 4th August 2011. The police had stated that officers were trying to arrest Mark Duggan. According to the Metropolitan Police he had a gun in his possession. Following his death his family and local residents went to Tottenham Police Station with the intention of gaining information from them about Mark Duggan’s death. In this time a 16 year old girl supposedly threw a missile at the police during the protest which led to members of the waiting crowd attacking two nearby police cars setting them on fire. This eventually spread to other areas of London and throughout England.

News of the riots spread through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter causing it to be an up raw across the internet. Facebook statuses and tweets were used throughout the riots keeping people up to date, escalating the problem further and involving more people. Blackberry Messenger (BBM) also contributed to this playing a vital role in the riots. There were organised crimes planned on BBM. The involvement of these sites and services made the riots worse. Without the involvement of social media the story wouldn’t have grown into a media frenzy and possibly wouldn’t have resulted in so much crime and outrage.


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