Iconic Images

Today we looked at iconic images and discussed what was happening in the image and what it represented. An icon can be of religious origin for example a picture of christ. An iconic image will most likely have an underlying meaning, it can be symbolic. Most of all an iconic image is more than just a image. There are various iconic war images that had an impact on the war itself.

Our task was that we had to split up into groups and go and replicate an iconic image. There was only two of us in our group which restricted us from replicating a busy image. Even though we were limited we still managed to capture a few iconic images. We chose to do the Einstein image, the Afgan girl and the Survivor Tree.


We were then given a task to do in our own time which was to merge ourselves into an existing iconic image. Seeing as I had replicated Einstein’s image I decided to replace my face with his.


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