My First Reflection!

Induction week-
The first week was not what I expected! I thought there would of been a lot more tutorials to do with the course but there was only 2! I was happy about this because it gave me chance to get to know Leeds and find out where all the good clubs are, it also allowed me to get to know people in my flat and people staying near me.

First week of teaching-
I thought the first week of teaching was overwhelming and long winded with the amount of information being given, however it was really interesting and eye opening as I learned new things about the course and got to know a bit about the lecturer’s teaching the course. I struggled with the first task where we had to write our first post on our blog but I talked it out with fellow students and spoke to the lecturer to help make sense of it.

Meeting new friends-
Being a shy person I thought it would be difficult to make new friends but once I arrived I literally had to chuck myself in there otherwise it could of been a lonely year! Iv met so many people iv actually lost track, everyone is so friendly and hyper its great! I feel that I have really clicked with the people in my flat and possibly made some friends for life, which is a good feeling to have in the first few weeks!

I wouldn’t say that I am a wild person but since being at uni id say that has changed! My flatmates are so hyperactive especially at 3 o’clock in the morning screaming, shouting and banging on everyones doors but I find it hilarious even though they have woken me up at some points! I have also had movie nights in the flat with some new friends and junk food which has been great fun! I have spent so much money going out places for food, we went to Frankie and Benny s which was amazing! Love food!

What’s next?- 
Well first things first I need to get a gym membership to burn off all the fastfood iv been eating! Im also interested in joining the tennis but I am unsure at the moment. More importantly I plan on exploring Leeds with my camera to see the sights and learn more about my new Nikon camera as I am yet to figure out all the settings. I will be taking on board the advice in my lectures and completing assignments with enthusiasm. I am looking forward to the challenges in the History of PhotoJournalism as that coincides with my personal interests.


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