Special Techniques- Urban Landscape- JOURNAL

For this photo shoot the theme was Urban Landscape. Our intentions for this photo shoot to photograph Urban Landscapes using special techniques such as panoramas. A panorama is a join up or several images to create one big image.

I used a tree as an experiment first which I made into a vertical panorama. This worked really well and demonstrated special techniques well. I then photographed a skate park as part of the urban landscape. I made this into a horizontal panorama which worked even better than the first.

If I were to do this photo shoot again I would do more urban landscapes such as a variety of skate parks or places covered in graffiti. I would also try different ways of making the panorama experimenting with different software’s so see if there was a difference.



Shutter Speed- Tropical World- JOURNAL

For this photo shoot the theme was Tropical World. Our intentions for this photo shoot were to photograph subjects in Tropical World experimenting with the shutter speed. We had to show the different effects that were created by the various shutter speeds.

I focused on the water fall in Tropical World as it best showed the different shutter speeds effects. The effect created by a slow shutter speed made the water look smooth whereas the fast shutter speed made the water look rough. I didn’t have a massive variety of subjects in my photos as I thought the waterfall worked so well I didn’t feel the need to take photos of anything else however I should of to show more variety.

The photos worked really well with the shutter speed technique but if I were to do this again then I would try the shutter speed technique on more subjects to show a variety.

Lens Types- Sports- JOURNAL

For this photo shoot the theme was Sports. Our intentions for this photo shoot were to photograph anything related to sports using different lens. We had to experiment with various lens to show their effect.

I focused on tennis as a sports taking photos of my tennis racket. I used a fish eye lens and a macro lens to experiment with. I again did not have enough variety in my photographs. What I should of done to have more variety is take photographs of people actually playing tennis etc. If I were to do this shoot again that is what I would do.

However the photographs I did take demonstrated a good use of variety of lens. They showed the effects each lens gave showing different aspects of a tennis racket and viewing the same subject in a different way.

Aperture- Markets- JOURNAL

For this photo shoot the theme was Markets. Our intentions were to photograph the contents of markets such as stalls, the market itself, the people etc. The use of aperture was important in this photo shoot, experimenting with depth of field etc.

I focused on one market in particular which was the German Market set up in Millennium Square in Leeds. It is a seasonal market that is only there over Christmas. This market was a great way to experiment with aperture. I got some really good shots showing a variety of focus lengths and depth of field.

The majority of my photographs turned out a lot better than I expected. I learned a lot in this photo shoot. Being able to adjust the depth of field is a fascinating experience and my photos of the Christmas German market best show my growing ability.

Artificial Lighting- Halloween Shoot- JOURNAL

For this photo shoot the theme was Halloween. Our intentions were to photograph Halloween related subjects using artificial lighting. The use of artificial light in photography is using studio lights and flash guns etc. I used a flash as my artificial light.

Halloween is a great theme to best show the use of artificial light. However I decided to use a pumpkin which had a candle lit in the center so I had a mixture of natural and artificial lighting. With my photos I didn’t experiment enough with other subjects so I ended up with a select amount of photos which didn’t show my true ability and technique with a camera.┬áIf I were to do this photo shoot again I would use a bigger variety of subjects and use only artificial lighting so that the true effect stands out.


Article 2 Reflection

This assignment was to create a list article about a topic of our choice. I decided to do mine on the christmas german markets. We had to have 10 primary images backed up with information. This was important as I learned new skills such as making slideshows on wordpress and I now know how to make a list article for online publication. I will be able to use these skills in future projects and careers.

I had trouble trying to get the slideshows to work but after several tries I got there in the end. Next I can use these skills to help better my chance at a good career. I can make more list articles using these skills and new knowledge.

Article 1 Reflection

Our assignment was to write an 800 word article backed up by primary research and images . I did mine on the magazine ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’. This was an important skills to have as it test our abilty to write and take photographs. I will be able to apply these skills to future projects and help broaden my choice of career.

I had trouble contacting a source from the magazine itself so I could not get any primary source material. So I decided to contact one of photographers that had a feature in the magazine. Next I can write more articles using the skills that I have learnt and broaden them to better my chances at a goo career.